The Arab Open University – Kuwait Branch runs a series of Knowledge Development Seminars (KDS) in which broad areas of scientific production are presented in each seminar. The KDS welcomes and encourages all research with social, natural, as well as interdisciplinary scope of interests and fields of studies. All forms of qualitative or quantitative research proposals and findings from working papers, theses, theoretical essays, as well as published articles and books may be presented at the KDS. Invited scholars will have the opportunity to share their ideas and research results with colleagues from the AOU-KW and other institutions.

Academics are nominated as main discussants and/or panel heads on each seminar based on their specialty and research field affiliation. At some point presenters may select certain researchers from AOU-KW or else as their main discussants in the seminar. While KDS events are going to be announced within the AOU-KW, the KDS is not intended to be a totally public event, hence normally invited papers and guests and certain number of students only will be present. Invited guest will have 1 hour to read their papers, before discussions and commentaries are open for another hour. Based on consent, papers presented at the KDS are going to be archived at the academic affairs and the AOU-KW e-library. However, AOU-KW will offer its presenters a chance to develop their works further through AOU-KW available support and resources needed for publication purposes and beyond.

We intend to make the KDS a venue for cutting-edge, very intensive debate on current research in the discipline or topic of each seminar. Scholars are expected to make robust argumentation in their papers and to add originality to knowledge in their areas of interest. Presenters should also expect serious discussions, counter-argumentation, and constructive critiques of any part of their works. Through the KDS, we embrace any form of scientific knowledge and we attempt to develop it in a collegiate and responsible manner.

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